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Post by Dogma on Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:46 pm

Hey all you all know me as boomer.. but heres the lot Very Happy

ok my Name Is kyle (YUK!! LOL) but everyone calls me Kye. i am 16. i am at school still. i love my sport!! i love it!! i play feild hockey i absolutly love it.. i play every wednesday and saturday. on wednesday i play twilight hockey. its hocker from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm if you didnt know. i play as a half normally (half defensive, half offensive Wink ) im a rough player alot of people wont get in my way ;p im also a runner! my entire team loves me for that. i can run the lenght of the feild alot quicker then anyone else in our leuge (CANT SPELL SORRY!!) im also a musican!! i play.. (OH GOD) The... guitar, piano, flute, violin, Drums, elec guitar, bass, harmonica, piano accordian, banjo, ever made up instrument we had XD, and there has to be something i miss :s lol.. im also a gamer!! its good. i beat every game we owned by the time i was 9. we have alot of games and consols, the quickest game i beat was guitar hero III on expert in 3 hours XD man that was tough, next game was starwars the force unleashed in 6 hours XD, you know twilight priincess?? i beat that in a near day (27 Hours :DD) im a proud gamer, im not a nerd, im a gaming jock! XD i have lots of friends and already driving arround!! (GO MEE) lol. on the 31st of october at 6:50 am my grandma passed away so it has been really hard on me. i dont really want to talk about it cause there is no point in doing so.. i was looking at the comp when i typed this bit not looking at the keyboard go mee !! lol.. about 3 years ago i picked up ac, in about 2 months i had tried making a clan. over the past 2 years i have made about 10 unsuccseful clans BUT this clan is the most successful clan i have ever been in / run and that is thanks tyo all my members and co-council members. i thank you!! i run 4 servers for TnG as shown on the Servers page located on the nav bar at the top.

If you read this this bit will make sense,, Stupid ugly gaming jock of the century XD. well enjoy and have fun!!

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